Our automatic and
programmable tool changers
are available in tombstone or
rotary (shown) configurations
and can be mounted for
vertical or horizontal spindles
whether turning or live tooling
applications. Capacities
range from 12 to 50 tools
with tool rack availability for
larger tools.
Our rotary tables, equipped
with a braking system that
can be programmed for live
spindle turning and infinite
part-indexing capability,
provide unmatched
flexibility to our machines.
They are offered in a wide
range of diameters and can
be configured vertically or
Spindles are configured to
each customer need with
these available options:
Right angle or articulating
machining head, 10,000
RPM 50 CAT or 12,000
RPM 40 CAT taper
spindles, integral motor
spindle, programmable  
gear reduction,
through-coolant, or lathe
Our designs allow for
optional probing
capabilities, enabling
automated checks to be
carried out before,
during and after
machining. Gauges can
be used as machine
reference points. We
use Renishaw probes
and software for
verifying part geometry,
and to monitor
reference points and
The command center of
our machines, each CNC
control system is carefully
selected based upon the
machining center and
customer need. We
configure OEM soft keys,
display pages and help
screens in user-friendly
operator interfaces and
machine diagnostics for
easy troubleshooting.